Alumni Relations Office
Election Office Bearers



  1. The President shall be responsible for the general supervision of the activities of the alumni, preside all the meetings of the executive council and General Body.
  2. The president shall exercise all the powers required to maintain discipline in the Meetings of the Executive Council and General Body.
  3. The president shall examine, finalize and approve the agenda of the meetings of the Executive Council of General Body when submitted to him/her by the General Secretary
  4. The president shall discharge such other functions as are entrusted to him by the General Body or the Managing committee.


  1. The vice President shall assist the President in discharge of his duties and functions.
  2. Vice President shall discharge such other duties, as assigned to him by the Executive council or the President from time to time.
  3. In the absence of the President, Vice President shall discharge the said functions and duties as assigned to the President, upon such authorization in writing by the President.


  1. The General Secretary shall maintain and keep in his custody all the records which are required to be maintained for the working of the Alumni.
  2. He shall correspond with the Members and any other body on behalf of the Alumni.
  3. He shall prepare an Agenda of the General Body Meetings and Executive Council Meetings. He shall invite proposals from the Members and after getting the approval of the President incorporate the in the Agenda. Approved Agenda for the Meeting shall be communicated to all the Members of the Executive Council Meeting, respectively.
  4. He shall supervise and maintain proper functioning of the affairs of the Alumni. When any proposal is submitted to him with regard to the expense being incurred for the purpose of the Alumni by the Members Managing Committee, he shall scrutinize it and authorize the expenses with consent of the President.
  5. He shall discharge such other functions as are assigned to him by the General Body and/or executive council or the President.
  6. He shall prepare Annual Report of the activates of the Alumni and submit it to the Executive council. And after its approval; he shall present it to the General Body Meeting.

He shall assist the General Secretary in dealing with matters concerned with social aspects and relationship with Public and Media.